Formations disponible dans notre Portefeuille
Liste des formations disponible dans notre portofolio. Certaines peuvent être combinées.
  1. Quality Assurance and Continuous Integration (Junit Test, Integration Test)
  2. Modern automatic build system with Maven(Nexus), GIT/SVN, Jenkins.
  3. Mastering GIT and Apache Maven
  4. Mastering XSD, XJB and XML
  5. Agile Software engineering(Scrum)
  6. Modern Software Architecture
  7. Project documentation(Wiki media, Confluence) How to?
  8. Java EE(From scratch to API) API with JAX-WS ==> SOAP
  9. Java EE(From scratch to API) API with JAX-RS ==>  REST
  10. Java Graphic User Interface (GUI) Swing, AWT, SWT
  11. i18n: How to?
  12. Dataware house and DB mastering
  13. Enterprise Architect (Database/Project  Modelling)
  14. Java EE meets BPM (N) (Camunda)
  15. Java Android native apps 
  16. Messaging and Events(JMS: Apache ActiveMQ, Chamel)
  17. Migration: Old school to new school. How to?
  18.  User Interface(UI) which framework to choose? 
    1.               Java based(Vaadin)
    2.               Javascript based(Angular JS, ExtJS...)
    3.               JSF  based (Primefaces, JBoss Seam, Oracle ADF)
  19.  PHP MVC(Phalcon, Ioncube, CakePHP... )
  20. Hybride Apps(Iphone, Windows phone, Android, Ipad, tablett)
  21. CMS(Wordpress, Joomla)
  22. Oracle Weblogic Server (WLS)
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